‘Collaborations’ Working Press 1987

Making art with other people… Can be downloaded free courtesy of Google Books    

Big Willow Eco Camp, Crystal Palace, 1999

Made with Thomas Zagrosek


My 1987 street performance with the late great Ian Hinchliffe

Survival Scrapbooks – Shelter, Food and Energy, 1972-74

This is the first of three books of mine that were originally published by Unicorn Bookshop in Brighton. Shelter was followed by ‘Food’ and ‘Energy’ to cover basic human life supports. The pages were coded rather than numbered and drilled to add to a loose leaf binder so people could make their own scrapbooks. They […]

New Website

A new website which attempts to collect work together from various periods of my life and be a portal for other work online. My other website projects are under links. What might not be obvious is my interest in artists collectives which is I think the most powerful way of working outside the system. Below […]